Gestalt Note System

Terms of Use

Gestalt Note System has been designed by Gestalt therapist Stefan Green Meinel.

Gestalt Note System is published as “open source” under the legal terms that apply to a “copyleft” license.

In short, it means that a work (e.g. a document, artwork or a computer program) can be copied, modified and distributed free of charge – but that the new works that derive from it must be distributed under a license identical to the license that governs the original work.

If you distribute copies of a work under the copyleft license you are obliged to give the receivers the same rights as yourself. You must ensure that the receivers get or can get access to the original work. Moreover, you are obliged to inform the receivers about the copyleft license so that the receivers are aware of their rights.

(Source:, 2010).

The conditions for the use of Gestalt Note System are as follows:

Gestalt Note System can be used by anybody free of charge.

Gestalt Note System can be modified and distributed by anybody as long as it is shared free of charge and there is a clear reference to the following passage:

Gestalt Note System - - by Gestalt therapist Stefan Green Meinel”

Copyleft 2010 Stefan Green Meinel