Gestalt Note System


Gestalt Note System is an easy to use note system that both satisfies the Gestalt therapist's need for useful notes along with the client's need for confidentiality and respect regarding the personal information shared.

Gestalt Note System is designed with the EAGT’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice in mind, especially regarding confidentiality (B.3).

With only a few minutes of reading prior to each session, the Gestalt therapist will have refreshed memory of both the client's background history as well as a solid overview of the course of therapy. It will enable the therapist to reply and intervene with a continuing therapeutic strategy rather than simply relying on a skillful “here & now” approach.

The therapeutic sessions will have more coherence no matter what the course and character of the therapy, which will be a qualitative gain for the client, while the Gestalt therapist will enjoy a more relaxed state of mind by having a solid overview and good reminder.

Gestalt Note System is designed as a basic structure where the client's identity is separated from the personal information (the client's need for confidentiality), and as a structure that divides the personal information into three different sections (the Gestalt therapist’s need for useful notes).
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You create one identity sheet for each client and collect them in a separate folder, which is stored apart from all other information.

You create one folder for each client. In this folder all other sheets are collected. The sheets are divided into three sections: today's session, overview and background. These sheets are written successively as relevant information appears. Writing your notes in a fixed structure enables you to get a solid overview with only a few minutes of reading!

Naturally, you only write the most essential facts and you write “soft anonymously” which means that you systematically avoid family names, specific addresses and the like. The personal information will remain recognizable for the client's family and friends (which is unavoidable if you need useful notes), but it will be almost impossible for strangers to figure out who the person is without having the identity sheet.

In a worst case scenario – that the folder with notes is lost or stolen – the client's identity will remain protected, which is a most appropriate precaution when you consider just how sensitive the information is.

The identity sheet is provided with a code that also appears on the front page of the folder with the notes. This way the only link between the client's identity and the folder with confidential information will be a non-identifiable code.
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An easy and usable code may be to state the date of the first session. A client that has his/her first session 1. February 2014, will receive this code:


If more clients have their first session the same day, you can create a simple paste-on:



This way of using codes makes it easy to find the right folders. The folders are stored in an archive e.g. divided by the months of the year. With the code in mind, you can easily find the relevant folders!
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